What if Kennedy Survived Dallas? from Bryce Zabel on Vimeo.

Through improvised words and re-purposed images, this multimedia short film is presented as a simulated “Roundtable” from a Sunday morning news show in an alternative universe. This is the world where JFK lived on past Dallas, fought for re-election and then battled through a political crisis. In this video, you’ll be listening to guests on a 2013 talk show discussing JFK’s legacy as they know it in their parallel reality.


This is a mind-bending trip to a world where John Kennedy woke up in the White House on November 23, 1963 and realized that the day before he’d been targeted for execution on a public street in broad daylight before a global television audience. Life, in this situation, simply would not have pinged back to normal.

The video is inspired by the new novel, “Surrounded by Enemies: What if Kennedy Survived Dallas?” That book assumes that subsequent investigations would have led inexorably to a conflict between the conspirators and the Kennedys. After failing to physically murder JFK, the masterminds would turn to the tools of character assassination, fueled by secret lives and covert files.


This video is topical, relevant, educational and controversial. It is also quite clearly political commentary, and is thereby protected under fair use doctrines. Even so, we have prioritized the use of public domain images to craft and present this unique statement about the Kennedy presidency. We hope it contributes to the public dialogue in the electorate on the 50th anniversary of his assassination; about what happened, why, and how life might have turned out if John Kennedy survived Dallas. While this video is presented freely and openly to the public without charge, if it were to be purchased for use or adaptation in a commercial use, all images would be fully researched and licensed.


Written, Produced and Directed by Bryce Zabel

Video Editing by Robert Anglim
Audio Recording and Editing by Edd Hall
Graphic Art by Lynda Karr
Consulting by Jerry Lazar, Eric Estrin

Dark Skies score by Michael Hoenig
Dark Skies clips promote the Shout Factory DVD and are used with permission
JFK images and clips courtesy the archives of the Kennedy Library
Numerous photos by Cecil Stoughton, White House Photographer

Edd Hall, as Peter DuBose
Jackie Zabel, as Cynthia Freeman
Eric Estrin, as Jonathan Berkowitz
Bryce Zabel, as Bryan Hitch

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Cavemen x Ontfront - Editorial - Serene Solitude from Cavemen on Vimeo.

Spring and Summer’s warm embrace weakened and our forests settled their roots in preparation of the coming slumber; we Cavemen prepared for yet another seasonal shift. With milder temperatures and darker skies; our plains heralded the approach of Autumn and Winter. In these frigid times we Cavemen are once again forced to adapt in appearance.

In this season we Cavemen wield the timelessness of a tailored garment mixed with street trends like a regal set of armor. Preferably french; our sturdy blue workwear vests combined with a rainproof trench coat keep both Autumn’s and Winter’s treacherous touch at a distance. Our selvedge denim trousers are no longer slim-fit but now have a wider cut showing about our working prowess. And yes, our beards; rugged, shaggy and as strong as the bristles of a steel brush, complement and refine our attire.

Yet, spring is coming, and our wandering footsteps confidently sway across our plains. The preparation for another season is complete and the frostbite is kept at bay. Although unmoved in our hulking steps, we Cavemen wander cautiously. For father Winter still lurks beside our path, like a death sentence unperformed.

California from Hal Bergman on Vimeo.

If you’ve got four minutes, I’d love to give you a timelapse tour of all of the most visually stunning places California has to offer, filmed over four years, from coastline to mountains to deserts, from cities to agriculture to national parks.

My Flickr: flickr.com/photos/pyrokinetic/ | Instagram: instagram.com/halbergman
Follow me on Twitter: twitter.com/pyrokinetic | Facebook: facebook.com/hal9000
License these clips for your project on Getty Images: bit.ly/gicalif | Dissolve: bit.ly/dicalif
Magic Window Timelapse Screensaver for Macintosh: bit.ly/mwmac

California is the most populated state in the United States, and the third largest. It’s almost double the size of the United Kingdom and slightly larger than Japan. If it was it’s own independent country (as it was briefly for a few weeks in 1846), it would have the 8th largest economy in the world by GDP. It contains the highest summit and the lowest desert in the Contiguous United States (and the second-lowest point in the world), both of which are in the same county. It’s most known for movies, technology, wine, and national parks, but also grows more than a third of the vegetables consumed in the US, two-thirds of the fruits and nuts, and an unknown but presumably huge percentage of marijuana. It contains every major climatological biome except tundra. More important than those facts, to me, is that I was born and spent most of my life here.

The average clip took 1-3 hours to film and another 3-10 hours to edit. Several cuts are from clips more than 24 hours long. I shot 423 clips over four years to make this, but the majority of the 67 clips ultimately used were shot in the last 12 months.

The music is “Intense Rocks” by Sebastian Watzinger, licensed from Audiosocket.

If you’d like some background on my process, Dissolve did an interview with me about that: bit.ly/meethal
I did an interview with Fstoppers, where I discuss technical details, cameras used, and workflow: bit.ly/1wfrWPo

Timelapse slider dolly by Dynamic Perception: bit.ly/1pci4QI

Most of the individual clips are available for license via Getty Images, Dissolve, or directly. Many of them feature in the Magic Window timelapse screensaver for Mac. Links are now at the top.

(If you got this far down, thank you! I’d like to add that I’m available for hire. I specialize in still photography and timelapse photography for travel, architecture, and industry.)

Full list of locations used:
Alabama Hills
Big Sur
Bombay Beach
Death Valley National Park
Inyo National Forest
Joshua Tree
Lake Tahoe
Long Beach
Los Angeles
Mono Lake South Tufa Reserve
Mount Shasta
Owens Lake
San Diego
San Francisco
San Luis Obispo
Santa Monica
Sequoia National Forest
Yosemite National Park